So rad!

Mitered BeadI love the classic and simple design of this radiator cover. I have made a few of these before and needed to make another one to replace an old metal cover that was painted too many times. I used some poplar I had lying around the shop since I plan on painting the cover.  It will have a metal grate which will be painted the same color. The cover is shallow as this radiator is set inside a wall. The construction is very easy. I didn’t use a cope and stick to make the frame. Instead I cut the tenons flat on the table saw and then cut the miter for the bead by hand.  I have a fixture I made a few years ago to hold the pieces in place so I can cut the bead at a 45 degree angle. I then use the iron from my hand plane to make the cut. It works really well and I always get a nice fix with no gaps! I can’t wait to finish this up. I need to hand plane off the glue & mill marks and make the top. It will look great once it is painted and installed.