Color Block Pencil Holder

Color Block Pencil Holder
Sizing rectangles

Fitting rectanglars
Fitting rectangles

Fitted and ready for glue
Fitted rectangles are ready to be glued in

Recently I have been playing with colored veneer and adding pops of color to different pieces. I started looking at anything and everything with color. I came across an object that had painted blocks of color. This inspired me to do some block inlay with the colored veneer.

I had some left over ash from another project and it was the perfect background for the brightly colored poplar. I figured out the pattern I wanted and drilled holes to fit my pencils using the drill press and a forstner bit.

Next I glued a backer veneer to the colored poplar. The backer veneer does 2 things: First it keeps the top veneer from moving and second it give the veneer more thickness. Since I now had a much thicker stock to work with I was able to cut the veneer into rectangles using the table saw.

I made the rectangles slightly over in size. This way I could use my hand plane to take off shavings to get the wood to fit tightly into the space I routed out with my lament trimmer and MDF template that I made. After I fit each rectangle into its space. I carefully glued in the pieces.

The result is a brightly colored pencil holder for my colored pencils. It was a lot of fun to make and I can’t wait to make some more.